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Moving it Forward!

Opening a new cafe in New York City is no small undertaking. So we are planning, dreaming, meeting other coffee shop owners and finding the right people to bring it all together.

In April we have:

  1. Built this website! (we have several marketing guys on our team)
  2. Launched a Facebook Page
  3. Met with the owner of Prince Street Cafe in Lancaster (the owner is Austin’s cousin)
  4. Met with the owner of Cafe 1-8 in Lancaster (the owner is Chris’ sister)
  5. Continued developing the business plan
  6. Created a job description to continue the search for a manager
  7. Began an investor portfolio (We will be looking for private business investors to launch the cafe)


2 thoughts on “Moving it Forward!

  1. toni martucci says:

    very excited you’re opening in my neighborhood. less excited u plan to serve turkish pastries. we have enough turkish bakeries in our area. how about something all american??

    • Chris Stoltzfus says:

      Thanks for the feedback! We will certainly have more than Turkish pastries. Our menu will also include a yogurt bar and other food items. We’re still developing it so thanks for your thoughts!

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