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Shepherd’s Cup

A Café, Bookstore and Community Center in Sheepshead Bay, NY

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Community Space in Sheepshead Bay NYC

Community Space

Whether you need a space to enjoy indoors or outdoors, come to Shepherd’s Cup. Grab a book from a book shelf or bring your own. The space is yours! 

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English Classes

Would you like to improve your English speaking skills? Join an English Class at Shepherds Cup. 

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Open 7am to 6pm Monday through Saturday

We all need a place away from home to make connections, drink a hot cup of coffee and share moments around food. Shepherd’s Cup is a café, bookstore, and community center in Sheepshead Bay, NY where you can enjoy artisan coffee, Turkish and PA Dutch pastries, paninis, homemade soups, salads and a yogurt bar. Come drink New York roasted coffee, peruse books and enjoy connections. Visit, Taste, and See for yourself.

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If you like our coffee, but can’t make it to Brooklyn, no problem! We now offer shipping of our favorite blends to your home or office anywhere in the United States



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Hot latte coming right up! ☕ ...

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Our Chicken Caesar Salad is the perfect option if you want a light, highly nutritious, healthy meal. ...

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Need a caffeine boost? We`ve got you covered. Come and enjoy specialty coffee at Shepherd`s Cup, Monday-Saturday! ...

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Number 1 way to kickstart any day of the week (especially when it`s cold)👇

Enjoy your favorite, hot coffee in the coziness of Shepherd`s Cup. ☕️

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What You will Find at Shepherd’s Cup

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Where to Find Us

You will find us in the Sheepshead Bay, Madison, Homecrest area of Brooklyn, NY.